About Hazlo

We turn ideas into works.

Hazlo Solutions is a highly innovative software company, system integrator and provider of advanced technology, established to provide state-of-the-art IT solutions and consulting services to customers: like businesses and organizations, to enable efficient and secure access and communication with disparate sources of information and services at any time and anywhere.

Hazlo Solutions provides enterprise-class IT consulting services to help users innovate faster, scale-up/down, simplify IT, and reduce IT costs.

Our Vision and Corporate Moto

Founded to furnish advanced ubiquitous security technology, smart technology solutions, and consulting services to businesses and institutions. Hazlo Solutions was established with the goal of providing “secure access to all services, data and information at any time, anywhere”. It provides customers and business partners with reliable, scalable and customizable security-hardening solutions for information exchange as well as data exchange and service invocation & communication.

Our Specification

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