With numerous cloud computing delivery models to choose from, businesses are struggling to settle on the best option that addresses their existing challenges with their on-premise systems.

At Hazlo, we help you assess the benefits of different cloud deployment options, select the best course of action, and reap its benefits over time.

Our partnership with leading Cloud providers (AWS and Azure) and a Cloud Centre of Excellence, along with the adoption of the best standard On-Premise to Cloud assessment framework, a Smart-Factory based delivery model, Automation enables 30% faster cloud adoption.

Hazlo has an expert team consisting of AWS and Azure certified consultants who have extensive experience in setting up secure, agile and highly optimized Cloud environments for businesses both large and small. As a well-established Microsoft Cloud Service provider in help businesses harness the power of cloud computing without having to face the challenges of handling complex IT systems and application frameworks themselves

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Disaster Recovery

DR is a cloud computing service that allows an organization to back up its data and IT infrastructure to regain access and functionality after a disaster. DR uses a third party cloud computing environment and provide all the DR orchestration through a SAAS solution, to help the organization to obtain datas.BY using DR the organization doesn’t have to own all the resources or handle all the management for disaster recovery, instead relying on the service provider. Disaster recovery planning is critical to business continuity. Since Many disasters with potential to wreak havoc on an IT organization have become more frequent in recent years:

  • Natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and earthquakes
  • Equipment failures and power outages
  • Cyberattacks

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